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That's absolutely correct >from a linguistic point of view, but...

for a person doing genealogical research, when looking at metrical
records, they both mean exactly the same thing, namely that the
individual in question was also by known by this other name.

Much the same way that "alias" and "aka" have different origins (and
are subtly different), but indicate the same thing.

tom klein, Toronto

"Evertjan." <exxjxw.hannivoort@...> wrote:
Apollo Israel wrote on 21 Dec 2012 in soc.genealogy.jewish:
I'd like to add that on Polish documents the word "vel" often appears,
meaning "also known as," and this obviously is related to "vulgo." I have
seen it used both for first names and for surnames.
Latin "vel" is "or",
"vel ..., vel .." is "either ..., or ...",
so I presume in this Polish context it means "aka", "alias".

The etymological orgin is the verb "volo" [= I wish]
in the second person imperative "vel!"

It is not related to vulgo, sorry.
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