Re: 1870 US Federal Census - Manhattan #general

Joel Weintraub

The 1870 census was so poorly done, that a second enumeration was done for
NYC (Manhattan and West Bronx), Philadelphia, and Indianapolis. The second
enumeration for NYC contained addresses.

I'm trying, so far without success, to get the New York Public Library to
digitize their ED map of the second enumeration that presumably is at:
"table 7 in room 121" of the main library. The source for this information
[Mod. Note: shortened URL - ]

I sent an inquiry to them in early December, and just sent another followup.

If I had that map, I would transcribe the streets within EDs, and we would
put it up on the Morse One-Step site.

If any Genner is visiting the NY Public Library and can photograph in high
resolution (overlapping images) that map and send it to me, that would be
much appreciated, especially if my inquiries for such digitial images aren't
answered by the library.


Joel Weintraub
Dana Point, CA

Meron Lavie <lavie@...> wrote:
I understand that there are some peculiarities with the 1870 Census for

First of all, I believe it was performed twice, as the first attempt was
deemed unsatisfactory.

Second, it appears to me that street numbers were not listed. Is that
possible? Am I missing something? Does this essentially mean that I have to
go through reams of records online to manually cover, let's say Fifth Ave.,
even if I know the exact address?
MODERATOR NOTE: Due to correspondence backlogs, it is not unusual for
large institutions to take several weeks, if not months, to get back to us
with responses to inquiries. Joel has provided a good suggestion for a
work-around for those of us anxious to continue our research.

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