FW: Koffs/Finkelstein - Philadelphia 1890-1940 #general

Don Sugarman <sugarman@...>

Dear Jewish Genners,

I have a letter >from 1933 among my grandfathers papers to Dear Brother >from Your
Sister, Rebecca Koffs, saying that they had not been in contact for some time and
she would like to hear >from him. At the bottom of thel etter, in parentheses,
was: Rifka Finkelstein, so you will know. The letter was >from 4850 Parkside Ave,
W. Philadelphia.

Using mainly Ancestry.com, we have located two grandchildren of Rebecca and
Harry Koffs and have spoken with them, as well as the widow of another grandson.
The grandchildren were pre-teens, when Rebecca passed away in 1939, and,
unfortunately, know nothing of their grandmothers family.

We know >from census records that Rebecca arrived in the US in 1890, at age
16 or 17. Harry Koffs (possibly Koffsky) arrived 1890, as well.

My son and I are trying to determine whether the letter was to my grandfather,
Morris Sugarman, but we have no indication of a Finkelstein connection on that
side of our family, either in Russia (Mogilev and Minsk)or in the US.

Can anyone point me in the direction of sources that might have information
on Rebecca Rifka Finkelstein Koffs?

Thank you,
Don Sugarman
Pittsfield, MA

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