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My GrandPop (Mark aka Mack S ROSEWIG b 1851, had a son, Clarence, born Sep
1884 who died in 12 Dec, 1904 in Newark NJ of pneumonia and was buried in a
Cypress Hills Cemetery, Brooklyn, NY in a plot owned by Ahawath Chesed, now
defunct. I can find no connection with my GrandPop's family and any
religious organization. Clarence was my Father's half brother.

The surviving synagogue has no records, just an empty file. The cemetery
was most cooperative and sent me copies of all of the records that they
have. There is no stone for Uncle Clarence. He was buried as ROSENWIG.
All research on relatives hit a stone wall.

The family lived in At 248 Belleville Ave Newark NJ when he died. He was
listed as a student. The death certificate yielded nothing, the funeral
home is long gone. In 1900 they had lived on Lincoln Ave, Newark NJ and
then 114 Fourth Ave, then 273 Sumner Ave and 131 4th Ave, all in Newark NJ.

In 1900 the census listed Mark as head of household with Anna WHITMAN b 15
Mar 1870 in Mott Haven, NY living there as a housekeeper and his niece and
Anna's father Charles WHITMAN b Germany 1843, Germany, living there also.
The WHITMAN's were Lutheran.

We have Charles and Anna in the 1880 census in NY. All information later
than 1900 has Anna and Mark as husband and wife eventually with two other
sons, Charles b 31 Jul 1905 and Harold b 20 Dec 1911.

I have extensive records >from 1904 on.

Now, if anyone can fill in 1880 through 1899..

Charles Harold Rose, Newtown PA
JewishGen #201679

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