ViewMate photo from inside the Great Synagogue in Iasi Romania #general

Steve Herberman

I've posted a photograph taken in the Great Synagogue in Iasi Romania
viewable at

I'm looking to find the approximate date that the donors would have
pledged money to help rebuild the synagogue. This photo was taken just
inside the main doors. Unfortunately I only have this one picture of
the plaque with one of my ancestors name written on it, S. Herberman.
I wish I had pictures of the two plaques on either side though they
may be unrelated since the one on the left has a date of 1941 and 1946
and the one on the right 1924. Perhaps the other plaque with names on
it is related to the one in the middle and I'm sorry I don't have a
better picture of this one. Maybe someone here does.

I know I was very happily surprised to see my ancestor's name and I
hope that someone will discover a family member's name on this plaque
as well.

I had a translator with me at the time who asked the man who let us
into the synagogue the meaning of the plaque. He said there was a
fire in the synagogue and the plaque was put there to thank the
donors. I'm aware of a Shmuel Herberman who would have been born
around 1870 and is my great grandfather's brother who probably left
Romania for Canada around 1914. But this could be another relative
altogether. Any insight on the date would be greatly appreciated,
thanks for reading.

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Thank you very much.
Steve Herberman
Chevy Chase MD

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