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Walter Rosett

I am trying to find a ships record, immigration record and naturalization
record on my great uncle Adolphe ROSETT aka Arnold Mark ROSETTE (and other
spellings) born 1862 according to some records. His brother, Joshua ROSETT
from Vitebsk, Russia (I presume now Belarus), was easy to trace and arrived
in New York City in 1891 was naturalized there then moved to Baltimore after
getting married in NY in 1898. Family hearsay suggests that he stayed with
relatives on arriving. Many "ROSETT" presumed relatives lived in New York

According to the 1900 census with some conflicting information >from later
census, Adolphe immigrated in 1888 the same year he was married although a
later record >from his wife lists her naturalization as through her husband
by marriage 1 June 1890. Their first three children were born Mar 1890, Feb
1892 and June 1894 presumably in New York the last three children were born
in Baltimore according to multiple census records >from his wife Sophie
ROSETT although only the 1900 census lists all children as born in Maryland.
No birth records could be found for the children. The first city directory
listing for both Adolph and Sophia ROSETT was at 908 e Balto. in Baltimore
in 1895 so I presume that they moved there at that time. There are many
more references in newspapers after that. The University of Maryland School
of medicine graduated both Joshua ROSETT and Adolph (Arnold) ROSETT in 1903.
This same record list Schools that both attended in Russia. Adolph used
"Adolph", "Arnold", "ROSETT", and "ROSETTE". He died in 1916 after rather a
sordid history. He supposed was naturalized as of the 1900 census but truth
was not his strong point.

I did find an Aron ROSETT >from Vitebsk b abt 1868 who arrived in NY >from
Hamburg 9 Sept 1889 but there are no other references to him anywhere.
There are innumerable "Rosett" spellings including Rossett, Roseth, Rozett,
Roset, Rosot, Rosit, Rosette, Rosat and others. Most "Rosetts" arrived in
New York City although some through Philadelphia and Baltimore. I believe
that I have researched all these areas without success.

Any help is appreciated.

Walter Rosett
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