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Howard Margol

<<From: Marcella Shames
Any info as to how to locate (and perhaps get pictures of) the graves of
the following family members would be much appreciated:

DOB 1932 Lithuania
DOD 1946 Vilnius Lithuania - age 14
Buried Vilnius...somewhere - perhaps with her mother Leah

DOB 1904 Vieksniai Lithuania
DOD 1987 Vilnius Lithuania
Buried Vilnius ...somewhere - perhaps with daughter Chana/Hana>>

Kaunas Cemetery Office, where they keep cemetery records >from all the
cemeteries in Kaunas. For the Jewish records they only have records for
the Jews who died in Kaunas in 1965 and later. All other Jewish cemetery
records are either missing or destroyed. The Jewish records they have, are
recorded in 2 books, one line per person

Cemetery Office is:
Kapiniu Prieziuros Kontora
Donelaicio G-VE 70
Kaunas, Lithuania

The present Jewish cemetery in Kaunas is very well kept and is in
excellent condition. All of the gravestones are legible. The burials are
post World War II but I do not know the date of the earliest burial. I
have visited this cemetery a number of times but I do not know the exact
address or how to contact the caretaker.

Howard Margol
Atlanta, Georgia

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