Why two different manifests for same people, ship? #general

Beth Downing

A while back I found a ship manifest for 3 of my ancestors (surname: BRUDNY)
who arrived in NY in 1908. This week, I was searching the Ellis Island
database and came up with another manifest for this family, this time their
last name was listed as BRUDNYA - not a huge stretch. The second manifest,
from the same ship with the same dates, is written by a different person and
signed by a different inspector. It provides much of the same information
(their family in the U.S., age, birthplace, etc.), but has some
discrepancies - physical descriptions, literacy, marital status, and all are
listed as having no occupation. Additionally, this manifest makes it very
clear the family had "No Friends in Russia" where the first manifest did
not. The family is around different people on each list. Finally and
perhaps most importantly, in Manifest #2, a line has been drawn through my
family members' names and information.

So why the two manifests? Did Manifest #2 come first and the family was
detained for some reason? There is no mention or note of detention. I
cannot find Manifest #2 on ancestry.com; only the Ellis Island database. I
can find Manifest #1 in both places.

I'm looking forward to learning something new as I'm sure someone out there
probably has an explanation.


Beth Broodno Downing

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