Duplicate US WWI Draft Cards - FUTTERMAN #general

Jackye Sullins <jsullins@...>

On a visit to the FHL in Salt Lake a few years ago, I photocopied two draft
cards >from Detroit onto a flash drive. The resolution wasn't good so I
decided to get a better copy on Ancestry. I was very surprised to see that
Ancestry has the same exact information but the handwriting is different!
It seems that mine is marked 'Duplicate' but not Ancestry's. The worrisome
part for me is that one original has the man's deceased wife listed, crossed
out and his sister's name inserted BUT the duplicate only has the sister's

Has anyone had this experience before? I didn't know there were duplicate
versions out there. I'm also wondering what other information might have
been left off of these duplicate versions.

Jackye Sullins
Carlsbad, CA

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