1930 US Census Conundrum #general

Danielle Weiner

Hello, Genners -

Hoping one of you can answer this question:

Shouldn't one be able to ascertain the exact enumeration district (ED)
for a specific address in the 1930 US Census?

The closest address to 1930 that I have for my father is one found on
the record of his first marriage in 1931. Both he and his wife-to-be
were listed as residing at ***456 Newstead Avenue in St. Louis, MO***
in 1931. As I have never been able to locate him in the 1930 (or
1940, for that matter) census by name (including many variants), I
thought I would check this address in the hope that he might have been
living there at that time.

I was able to arrive at four or five possible EDs and searched each of
them, page by page, at least once, with no luck. I found other
addresses on that street in the 500 block on various pages of the
different census sheets, but not the '456' I was looking for.

Why can't I find the exact ED for that address?

Thank you for any suggestions!

Danielle Weiner
SHIBOVSKY, TAUB, WINOGRUN, CYKINSKI, LEVIT - >from Vilna and environs,
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