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Evertjan. <exxjxw.hannivoort@...>

ruvane bernstein wrote:
On the 1901 UK census, my grandfather (born 1861) lists his birthplace
as Courn, Russia. Does anyone know where this might be?
Best fit might be what is now Kruonis, Lithuania

Kruonis, Lithuania

Alternate names:
Kruonis [Lith], Kron [Yid], Kroni [Rus], Kronie [Pol], Krone, Kruonio

Before WWI (c. 1900): Kroni Troki Vilna Russian Empire
Between the wars (c. 1930): Kruonis Trakai Lithuania
After WWII (c. 1950): Kruonis Soviet Union
Today (c. 2000): Kruonis Lithuania
Jewish Population in 1900: 44 (in 1866), 241 (in 1923)


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