SEMLER family from Warsaw brick wall #general

Linda Epstein

Dear Genners,

I am looking to locate the following SEMLER family >from Warsaw. They
arrived in New York on 22 Dec 1913 aboard the S.S. George Washington.

SEMLER, Rikel: age 30, married
SEMLER, Srul: age 11
SEMLER, Hinke: age 7
SEMLER, Chaje: age 4
SEMLER, Gittel: age 6 months

Their nearest relative in Warsaw was Rikel's brother-in-law, Abram DLEISKY (?).
They were going to their husband/father, Schloime SEMLER on Willetts Street
in New York City.

I can find no mention of the family after their arrival. The children were
all naturalized between 1941-1942. There are naturalization notations on
the manifest next to each name. The naturalizations appear to have taken
place in one of the boroughs of New York. A search by USCIS for Srul
SEMLER's naturalization was fruitless. I tried to find a death certificate
for either Schloime or Rikel on ItalianGen but could not find one. The only
conclusion that I can come to is that the family used a surname other than
SEMLER or SEMMLER. As I don't not know Rikel's maiden name, that is not a
search option at this point.

If you recognize the family, or have any suggestions on how to proceed,
please let me know.

Thank you,
Linda Epstein

SEMLER/SEMMLER: Rzeszow, Poland; SEMEL/SEMMEL: Pilzno, Poland
FILMUS: Ukraine, Moldova; SINGER, HASS: Husiatyn, Poland

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