Meaning of the name MOLTIANER #general

Michael Waas


Following up on the recent discussion the name BOLKER, I figured I would try
resending this question again after a long period of time. My great-great
grandfather Abraham SPEIGEL (born in Tulchin in Vinnitsia) was originally surnamed
MOLTIANER. >from what I can tell >from the name and its variants, they seem to all be
centered around the modern Ukranian-Moldovian border. I know the suffix -er usually
refers to being >from somewhere, but I cannot identify any likely locations at all.
Does anyone have any ideas? I have the Hebrew spelling of the surname >from the
marriage record of Abraham's parents and 3 of his siblings, which I will certainly
send on if requested.

If anyone has any clues or ideas, it would be welcome. This name is just a complete
mystery to me, especially since it seems particularly rare. It might also explain
why my g-g grandparents with my g-grandfather and a couple others of their children
moved to Argentina for some unspecified period of time between 1909 and 1911
(Argentina is the other place outside of the US and England that the name
apparently appears once the families left Europe to go west).

Best Regards,

Michael Waas
Akko, Israel

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