Travel From Russia to Scotland in 1903 #general

Stanley and Shelda Sandler

Dear Genners,

I am trying to learn the path my grandparents may have taken on their journey >from
Russia to Scotland in 1903. According to family legend, they fled >from Russia
hidden in a hay wagon immediately following their marriage. For the next ten years,
they lived in Scotland; but how might they have traveled >from Mogilev Guberniya
(possibly >from the town of Chausy) across Europe to reach Scotland? Is there some
archive or other repository in Scotland or in England, such as the port at Hull,
Grimsby, or some other port, which would have Passenger Arrival Manifests which I
could search for information? Or perhaps they arrived in the United Kingdom via
the port of Glasgow, Scotland? Is it likely they traveled by rail, and then sailed
from some port such as Hamburg or Danzig (Gdansk)? Or is it more likely they
made the entire trip by ship? These were not wealthy people, so I am guessing they
had no choice but to travel by the least expensive means. It is assumed they
arrived in Scotland in 1903. The first documentation I have of their journey
from Russia is the birth certificate of their first child who was born in Scotland
in 1904.

Can anyone suggest where I may write in England or Scotland requesting a document
similar to a Passenger Arrival Manifest which may indicate >from which port the ship
left Russia (or a neighboring country) and where it arrived, either in England
or Scotland? On the other hand, if they traveled predominately by rail, would
there be any documentation of that?

My grandparents and their children emigrated >from Scotland to America in 1913. My
grandfather came first, followed by my grandmother and their children three months
later. I have the Passenger Arrival Manifests >from both of those voyages (sailing
from Glasgow, Scotland and arriving in New York, USA).
Any suggestions of the route they may have traveled >from Russia to Scotland in 1903
will be greatly appreciated, as will the name of any archive or repository that I
may contact.

With my greatest thanks,

Shelda Bachin Sandler
Springfield, Pennsylvania

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