Re: Meaning of the name MOLTIANER #general

Michael Waas

Not quite, I found it the name refers to an old name of Wallachia, but in the right
neighborhood! Makes sense now.

I am aware that the majority of Jews in Southern Romania for most of its history
were Sephardim. I do not think that this ancestral family of mine is Sephardic but
I am curious to know if anyone knows of large movements of Ashkenazim post-18th
century to areas in the Russian Pale out of Ottoman Wallachia.

Thanks for all the help I received!


Michael Waas
Akko, Israel

it's only a guess, but the similarity between MOLTIANER and Moldova may be a clue,
especially if the family moved away >from Moldova(and in the absence of town names
in that area, beginning with "mol-".)
....... tom klein, toronto

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