Re: Finding US naturalization records which aren't in the National Archives, from 1920s #general

Herbert Lazerow

U.S. naturalizations could be then (and can be now) done by any court, federal or
state. Naturalizations were frequently done in both federal and state courts
through the 1920s. By the end of the 1920s in most urban areas, naturalizations
had been concentrated in the United States District Courts. If you are unable to
find the naturalization papers in the Federal Archives, it is likely that the
naturalization papers were filed in a North Carolina state court. In that case,
you would need to seek the document >from the court itself (and there may be more
than one with jurisdiction over the city) or a North Carolina state archive to
which the records of that court were sent.
Herbert Lazerow
San Diego CA U.S.A.

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