Need ViewMate Translation from Polish #general

Feige Stern

Hello my fellow JewishGener's,

I am posting a document on ViewMate for translation >from Polish to English. It is
the marriage record of Chaja TEICHMANN to David SPRINGMANN in 1885 in Lvov, then

There are two pages to the document and I was hoping that someone who is familiar
with the language would be kind enough to help me figure out a few things:

On the first page I can't read the name of David Springmann's father. I think it
says Yosle but there is a name before that that I just can't make out. Also on the
first page, I believe it says that Chaja is >from Rokitno but there is something
written just after that I can't read. I am hoping it would help me to locate more
records for her.

On the second page I wondered about the names, there are a couple of columns with
names. Are they witnesses? Rabbis? Can you tell me exactly what it says please?

In the last column are some numbers. I can see 1885 but was hoping for some
clarification on the what it says.

The ViewMate listings are at:

Please respond using the form in the ViewMate page.

Thanks so much for your help,

Feige Kauvar Stern
Cleveland, OH

KLEVARSKY (KAUVAR), Seduva, Lithuania; SILVERSTEIN, Rasseiniai,Lithuania;
NAFTEL, Rasseiniai, Lithuania; SCHENKER, Dankera,Latvia and Birzai, Lithuania;
MEYLACH, Dankera, Latvia and Birzai,Lithuania; HOFFMAN, Kishinev, Moldova;
SCHWARTZ, Braila, Romania;STERN, Kovno, Lithuania; YUDKOVITCH, Warsaw, Poland;
SOBEL,Kleparov, (Lvov), Ukraine; PROBST, Kleparov (Lvov), Ukraine; SINSHEIMER,
Kleparov, Lvov, Ukraine and Wurzburg and Friedburg, Ascaffenburg,Germany;

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