Record Transcripts from Vienna to Jaroslaw #general

Barbara Ras Wechsler

Hi everybody

I am wondering if anybody knows what happended to "regular" civil record
transcripts in Poland. And where I could find them if they exist.

My great uncle Bruno Hermann Eugen Wechsler was born in Vienna in 1896 to Herman
Wechsler (mosaisch/jewisch) and Eugenie Wechsler ne Engelhardt (lutheran). In an
excerpt of a "Matrikula" I received >from the State Archives in Vienna, which
concerned his details, the registrar noted that copies of the registry / papers
were sent to Jaroslau. Jaroslau is also listed in the column "zustndig nach". Were
these copies sent to some sort of central registry? And if yes, where could they be
archived these days?

Kind regards

Barbara Ras Wechsler

Wechsler or deviations to the name (Jaroslau/Jaroslaw);
Fischer, Kaufmann, Wechsler (Llov),Wechsler, Camerini, Norsa, Ventura, Bensilum,
Musatti, Perugia (Vienna;
Triest, Udine, Venezia, Ancona in Italy; Alexandria, Cairo in Egypt)

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