Looking for Yehudit Yabetz b. abt 1923 #general


Hello all,
The Israeli national archives has uncovered a letter sent on May 6, 1935 >from a
girl in Palestine who "wrote to George V, King of the United Kingdom." The girl,
Yehudit Yavetz, was 12 and had immigrated to Palestine >from Mannheim, Germany 18
months before. In Israel her family lived in Haifa on no. 15 Hakishon St.
The letter and Hebrew article can be seen here

Unfortunately the English is for subscribers only.

If anyone has any information please contact Ofer Aderet at Haaretz newspaper:

I have no further info

Merav Schejtman
Jerusalem Israel

Searching: Michaelis, Durlacher, Silberszac, Nagler

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