Looking for LICHTZIER/LECHTZIER family #general

Julia Lombardo <julialombardo@...>

Hello everyone,

I am trying to find some additional information on a LICHTZIER family. I am trying
to determine the place where the family could have come from. I have a Khaskel
LICHTZIER, son of Ephraim and Ita, coming to New York >from "Fastow", in 1908. He
became "Charles Lichtman". He lists his place of last residence as "Fastow", but if
I search on jewishgen.org, there is only one LEKHTZIER, and he is in Stavische.
Same area...sort of, but not Fastov.

It's not a very common name...perhaps someone here is researching the same family
from Kiev region?
Ephraim Lichtzier's wife, Ita BORODKIN, was >from Belaya Tserkov area in Kiev gub.
If anyone can help, I'd really appreciate it!


Julia Lombardo

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