KREMENITZER from Zloczow #general

Barbara Zimmer

Dear Genners,

I am stumped again!

In 1891 Chajm Wolf KREMENITZER was born in Zloczow; his father
was Gedalia. In 1912, Wolf Chaim Kremenitzer sails to the US and
is headed to his brother Abraham in New York City. On the manifest
are a long number and a date, which I assume correspond to Wolf's
naturalization papers, How can I find those papers,, knowing the
date of May 22 1936 and the number 2-405931?

There are no other records for Wolf Chaim in the US, so I have to
assume that he changed his given name(s) and his surname (which can
have multiple spellings.)

Abraham Kremenitzer (Wolf Chaim's brother) born about 1887 is easier
to track. His wife was Rose, and he had five children all born in NY:
Al, Dora, Gertrude, Pearl and Harold.

My paternal grandmother was Golde KREMENITZER, who I assume had
several siblings, possibly including Gedalia. The family came >from
Zlowcow or Zborow (two towns which are very close to other).

If you are related to this family, I hope you would share your data.
Please respond privately to me

Barbara Zimmer
Norfolk Virginia US

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