Re: 1930 Census Detail Request #general

Marcia E. DeVries

Debby Painter asked:
"I came across an interesting entry in the 1930 census index. Unfortunately, I
have access only to the index but not the image itself. Is there someone that can
give me the actual location this girl was residing in at that time. Her name is
Pearl Sobel and she is 14 years old and listed as an inmate. Inmate of what at that
age? Index information: 1930 Census District 0103, Sheet 1A, family 1 San Francisco
California Head of Household: Foster mother Teresa Ames"

Pearl Sobel was living at the Pacific Hebrew Orphan Asylum & Home Society in San
Francisco. She lived in Cottage #21, Teresa Ames was the housemother (foster
mother) of the cottage. Pearl was born in New York, her father was born in Hungary,
her mother was born in New York

There is no address noted on the census page, but the Orphan Home was located on
Ocean Avenue in 1921. The Enumeration District was 38-102, Sheet 1A.

Hope this helps.
Marcia Katzel DeVries

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