1897 Census for Talnoe/Talnoye/Talne-----Boutelkoff/Puchkov, Talmudic scholar in Talne circa 1870 (there was a religious school there at the time and possible link with Rabbi Twersky) #general

Rachel Grossman <rlizgrossman@...>

Dear members,

I am working on my family history, but have met a roadblock. I am
looking for the 1897 census for Talnoe and Uman. Could you point me in
the right direction? Ancestry only has it for two other areas in the
Russian empire.

I am also seeking out the full name of the Talmudic scholar who was
the second husband of my great-great grandmother, Tuba. His surname
was Boutelkoff, Butylkov, or Puchkov (possible first name Girsh).

I have tried many avenues of research, including Harvard University.
Where might I find a list of the scholars who studied in the religious
school in Talnoe, 1850-1870? Would there be a book that documents
religious men of importance who were not rabbis? There is a Girsch
Puchkov in a book of Jewish personnel in the Russian Empire, but that
does not seem like a close fit.

My family has told me that people came great distances to consult with
this scholar. His daughters, Anna and Sophie left Russia in 1914. I am
in touch with their descendents, but they only have a few pictures.

Thank you for your help,

Rachel Grossman

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