Jewish ancestry questionnaires in pre-war Germany #general

Bob Leiser <robert.leiser@...>

Among papers held by my family are a number of pre-war German birth and
death certificate copies which were made officially in 1936. I had wondered
why someone would gather these together at that time, until I found another
3 page document: This is a "Sippenfragebogen", which contains details of
the indlvidual's parents and their siblings, along with the dates of birth,
occupation, spouse and religion of each named person.

I understand that these had to be completed by at least some, but possibly
all people of jewish or part-jewish background, for inspection by the Nazis,
no doubt to determine their fate.

Can anyone tell me:
Who was required to complete these?
What became of them? Are they available for research purposes?

Bob Leiser

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