Woeful tale of my relative's deportation on entry to NY #general

Robyn Baume

Dear Genners,

I have found a record of my great grandfather's brother's wife, Chage
Hospetter and her son Isaac (on the NY passenger list and UK Outward
passenger list) who arrived at Ellis Island, NY on 22nd March 1908 on
the SS St Louis. They came >from Grodno via Southampton after spending a
year in London with my great grandfather, Wolf. Chage's husband Boruch
was already living in NY at the time of her supposed arrival and deportation
back to Grodno??/

On the NY passenger ship manifest for the St Louis it states that Chage
and son were deported back to Grodno on the same ship about a week after
their arrival. She and her son were hospitalised as noted on the record
and it also states "Dr cert- imbecile". SI (Special Inquiry) is also
stamped on the records which I understand means that an inquiry was held
for her and Isaac's case. LPC (Likely Public Charge) is also noted on
the records. I understand that LPC means that the passenger had either
no money, no destination address in US or no friend or relative to meet
them. All details of husband, Boruch were given on the ship manifest and
brother-in law, Wolf's address in London was quoted.

Please can someone help me to trace the path of Chage and son, Isaac and
I would also like to find out if my great great Uncle Boruch (who arrived
4 years earlier to the USA in 1904) followed her back to Europe (where she
would have perished in the Shoah)? I have found no more records of Boruch
(he entered the US with his surname spelt Uschpeter) on any NY census',
so I suspect he may have returned to Grodno (or changed his name). I have
found a couple of records of a Boruch in Bialystok (don't know if it the
same one I am looking for??).

I have a membership to Ancestry and have also tried to find out more on
the Ellis Island website but there is no more information available
online. If possible I would like to know how to obtain Chage's deportation
file, Dr certificate etc. I live in Sydney, Australia so I cannot visit the
US archives. I was wondering if I needed to hire a genealogist to research
this woeful tale of my poor relative or can somebody help me here on this site?

Thanks a bunch,
Robyn Baume >from Sydney, Australia

Researching: Ojszpeter,Genecht , Goldfarb, Leibman, Cohen/Katz, Buchman,
Epstein, Feldman

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