Life in the Stetl [18th century] - Fisher family of London #austria-czech

Celia Male <celiamale@...>

I have just come across this reference in the listings
of the Leo Baeck Institute, NY. I presume the archive
referred to is Brno [Brunn] and the regional archivist
is Dorothea McEwan. In both cases the "n" is
mistranscribed into a "u"

Hence, if we have any relatives of the FISHER
family of Moravia? and London on our SIG - they may be
able to find some documents of interest. The document
may also be of historic interest to all of us. Has
anyone read it? Who are the FISHER family?

Life in the Stetl [18th century] 31 S. maschinen
geschrieben. [31 typewritten sides]

Selected papers of the FISHER Family in London.
Copies of the original holdings in the Regional
Archive in Bruo [sic], translated and described by the
archivist Dr. Dorothea McEwau [sic]

I wonder what other treasures the Regional Archive in
Brno holds?

Celia Male [UK]

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