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My name is Peter this is my first post.

I am trying to find out information about my great grandmother who
immigrated to the United States in 1892. Her maiden name was Anna DAVIC or some
variation of this. I have not seen any record of this name written. She
was either born Jewish and later converted to Catholicism or had Jewish
family history in previous generation and was born Catholic. This is unclear
from oral family information. So I don't know if DAVIC is a form of a known
Jewish name or not. This is one of my main questions at this point.

My father says she was >from Vilnius Lithuania (and there are many document
that give their nationality as Lithuanian) but the ship record states that
both her and my great grandfather were Prussians >from Kasan. His name on
the passenger list is Jan ZERFIN and her's is Anna ZERFIN. I only found
this out last night as they are known with the family name SERAPHIN(e) or
SERAPHIM in other records.

Anna was pregnant on the voyage to the United States and my grandmother was
born in Eastern Pennsylvania in 1893. Her name is also Anna. I was
wondering if someone who was born Jewish and converted would name their child
after a living relative. This seems unlikey to me but I am not sure. I have
also heard that Sephardic Jews will name children after living relatives
but I am not sure how many Sephardic Jews settled in either Lithuania / Kasan.

Another question I have is how likely is it that the passenger list is
accurate in term so "Prussian >from Kassan". I have found Information on
Prussian Lithuanians (Lietuvininkai) but they were generally not Catholic but
Lutherans / Protestants. And on those ship manifest, would it be written
down automatically that the wife was >from the same area as the husband.

This is what I have so far and am looking for suggestions or information
that my be useful.

Peter Lynch
Manchester, Michigan
United States

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