Vilnius Internal Passports - 1919-1940 #general

Howard Margol

In January, 2012, translation of Vilnius internal passport records were
discontinued due to a lack of funds. At the time, a total of 4,968 records had
been translated.

I am very excited to announce that, several weeks ago, work resumed on
translating more Vilnius internal passport records. 600 records have been
translated, making a total of 5,568 records translated so far.

Even more exciting is, the wealth of information included in these records.
In most cases, the age, place of birth, father's name, maiden name, and
occupation is recorded and has been translated. A large percentage of those
listed were born somewhere else rather than in Vilnius itself. Many of the
files contain birth records, marriage records, German or Russian identity
cards or passports as well as various other types of records.

To learn about internal passports, and to see examples of the various
types of documents that can be found in individual files, please go to

You will also see instructions on how to request copies of the documents
in a particular file >from the archive in Vilnius.

Approximately, 45,000 Vilnius internal passport records remain to be
translated so additional support will be needed. If you are interested in the
Vilnius internal passport records, please contact me personally and not to
the digest.

Some researchers have been able to find their missing relatives >from the
Vilnius internal passport records even though they did not know they applied
for their I. P. in Vilnius. You may be lucky as well so give it a try.

Howard Margol
Founder - Coordinator - Internal Passport Project

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