Finding Moritz LEIBOVITZ #general

Marianne Handler

A bit ago there was a request for info re a Moritz LEIBOVITZ/LEIBOVICI.
I think this may be a different Moritz as I did reply to that request.
Perhaps you all could provide new ideas for searching for information on
a death which I thought was in the Chicago area.

Here is approximately what I wrote at that time.

I am looking for a Moritz Leibovici. I have his marriage license and
other documents >from when he was here in Chicago. He became Moritz
Leibovitz here in Chicago. IOne of his papersis witnessed by my
grandfather, Isadore SEGALL, who was married to Fannie Leibovici,
sister of Moritz. They came >from Dorohoi, Romania.

This Moritz was married to Jennie WEISS and had two daughters. In the 1930
census Jennie is listed as a widow and she and her daughters are living with
her Weiss parents. The interesting thing is that I consider this Moritz my
ghost. I have never, ever been able to find anything about when, where and
how he died. I have searched all Illlinois resources that I am aware of. I
do not know if he left the area or died here. I have searched/called local

Any help in finding an uncle, that I now call my ghost, would be
appreciated. He was >from Dorohoi, Romania

Marianne Handler

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