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Alexander Sharon <olek.sharon@...>

Igor Holyboroda wrote:
It may be Wolochysk, railway station on former border with Austrian empire in the
Western Ukraine, or (Wyshny) Wolochek in the present-day Tver oblast of Russia.
Volochisk was a large Jewish town (over three thousand Jewish residents in 1900),
and it was not located in Western Ukraine but in the Russian Empire
Starokonstantinov uyezd of Kamenetsk [Podolskiy].

On the other side of the border Zbruch River, the sister town of Volochisk,
Podvolochisk (Polish: Podwoloczyska) is situated in the Skalat region of Tarnopol
Province of the Eastern Galicia.

Alexander Sharon
JGFF editor

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