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Ruth Burkholder <ruth.burk@...>

I am helping a friend with his genealogy, and one line has lead us to the
ASHMELE and SAMUELS family in Whitechapel.

I am not very experienced with doing research in Jewish families in London,
and so have some very basic questions.

In the 1901 census I find Sarah Ashmele and her daughter Rebecca Samuels in
the same household at 57 Lambeth Street in Whitechapel. Neither have a
husband shown. Sarah is a widow born in Russia and Rebecca is married,
born in Austria. I found Rebecca in an 1892 School Admission record, and it
noted that her father was Jacob.
1. Should I be able to find Jacob Ashmeleb's death in London as it is not in
2. How do I find the marriage of Rebecca to Nathan Samuels, who is with her
in the 1911 census; I did not find it at FreeBMD?
3. Sarah was born about 1853 ... how do I find her death as it is not in
4. How do I determine which cemetery they might be in? I have no idea where
they went to synagogue.

Thank you for any assistance you can provide.

Ruth Burkholder Stouffville ON Canada

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