New IGRA databases #general

Garri Regev

In honor of Israel's Independence Day the Israel Genealogy Research
Association (IGRA) has chosen to release the following new databases
( ):

1. Association of Diamond Industry Workers (198)
The Netanya Municipal Archives has some of the workers' forms >from the
Association of Eretz Israel Diamond Industry. The forms contain
information on the place of birth, aliyah, education, prior employment
and sometimes even a picture. The index IGRA has built contains part
of the information, thus allowing the researcher to decide if this is
the person being sought. The original form can be seen at the Netanya
Municipal Archives. Their collection is not complete, and only a small
part of about 200 workers has been indexed.

2. Candidates For Seventh Knesset (1,385)
A list of candidates for the 7th Knesset published in Yalkut
HaPirsumim (the official publication of the government of Israel) on
Oct 20, 1969.

3. Delegates to 10th Zionist Congress 1911 (387)
4. Delegates to 11th Zionist Congress 1913 (539)
5. Delegates to 12th Zionist Congress 1921 (510)
6. Delegates to 13th Zionist Congress 1923 (319)
7. Delegates to 14th Zionist Congress 1925 (319)
8. Delegates to 15th Zionist Congress 1927 (287)
9. Delegates to 16th Zionist Congress 1929 (636)
10. Delegates to 17th Zionist Congress 1931 (311)
11. Delegates to 18th Zionist Congress 1933 (375)
12. Delegates to 8th Zionist Congress 1907 (329)
13. Delegates to 9th Zionist Congress 1909 (364)
The protocols of the Zionist Congress included lists of the delegates
starting in 1907. The 1913 congress was the last congress to take
place before World War I and 1921 the first one to follow. The lists
of delegates are >from the protocols in the library of the Central
Zionist Archives in Jerusalem.

14. Flour for Passover, Jaffa 1894 (82)
A list of members of the community who either received Kimcha Depasha
or contributed to the fund.

15. Losses sustained by Colony of Petah Tikvah (177)
This document is a list of the planters in Petah Tikva, stating the
damage to their crops by the British Troops and requesting
compensation. The document was found in the Oded Yarkoni Petah Tikva
History Archive.

16. Nahalal WIZO School (2,588)
The WIZO School in Nahalal started in the 1920â?²s. Part of their files
are now in the Regional Archive of Emek Yizrael. This is an index of
the names in the files, and is an on going project of the files
through the Mandate period of Eretz Israel. The files includes
information on candidates to the school.

17. Register of Births - British Consulate Jaffa till 1914 (35)
This database is a list of births registered at the British Consulate
in Jaffa between 1900 through 1914. The database contains the date of
birth of the child, the name of the child, the names of both of the
parents and the date of registration. This document was found at the
National Archives (UK)

18. Third Aliyah: Dec 1919-Apr 1921 (3,961)
This is a database of a list of immigrants to Eretz Israel from
December 1919 through the end of April 1921 found on the website of
the Israel State Archives. The list was compiled >from a card catalog
of immigrants. The source of this typed list is listed as unknown and
there is a comment at the top of page 227 that page 226 is missing.
The scans >from which this database was built were of poor quality
which made the transcription difficult. There may be mistakes in the
transcription of the family name in addition to the original
typographical errors made when preparing the list. It is suggested
that this database be searched by first name.

19. Yemenites in Rehovot 1914 (279)
This list was taken >from a handwritten document in the Archive of the
History of Rehovot.

20. Voters List - Ra'anana 1938 (847)
A list of voters for the election of the local council in Ra'anana.
The list was found in the Archive of the Ra'anana Municipality.

Garri Regev
President, IGRA

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