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Dear All,
For those of you who have plans to travel to Belarus in the first half of
May.The world hockey championship will be held in Minsk in May
lMore than 20,000 visitors are expected to come to Minsk during that time.
Almost all hotels in Minsk are already booked for those dates.
But this fact shouldn't result in cancellation or modification of your plans,
because there is other alternative to Minsk hotels such as Bed and Breakfast
Inns, which is a new growing trend in Belarus.Staying in such places will only
enhance your trip, and will add to it more flavors and colors. While it offers
all conveniences of modern life, it will allow you to experience old shtetl life
as your ancestors used to live. Usually Inns are located in picturesque places
and surrounded by nature. The owners cook homemade food using homegrown organic
produce. Our past clients were very happy with this type of accommodation.
JHRG cooperates with more than 100 Bed and Breakfast Inns in Belarus.
kfast Inns in Belarus.

Best regards,
Yuri Dorn Coordinator of Jewish Heritage Research Group in Belarus

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