German marriages held in London in 1905???? #general


Does anyone know a reason why someone, living in Berlin circa 1905
would have left Berlin **just** to marry in London? Both husband and wife
were living in Berlin and continued to live in Berlin after the wedding.

My grandfather's uncle's second marriage was held in London...even
though he was living in Germany for nearly 20 years at that time and
married a woman born in Germany.

This man's daughter (>from his first marriage) also married in 1905,
also traveled to London **just** for the wedding?

I do not know of any relatives in it possible that there
was a law in Germany that "aliens" could not marry citizens of
Germany in 1905? As a result that "eloped" in London?

Both my grandfather's uncle and his first cousins were not born in
Germany and were marrying those who were born in Germany?

Michael Salzbank

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