Re: Gnesen, Prussia Records in Germany #germany

Andrea Robin <mrsandrea@...>

I have no idea how I found this incredible website >from Poland to view
**actual** records free. Here is the link:
I also have family >from Gnesen, Wreschen, Posen.

Any names familiar? All immigrated in 1880 to NY

Andrea Robin

If you need help in how to download the images contact me mrsandrea@...

On Sunday, April 14, 2013 4:45:55 PM UTC-7, Helene Kenvin wrote:
I am looking for vital records for the Jewish community in Gnesen,
Prussia (now Gniezno, Poland) before the mid-19th century. According
to JRI-Poland, there are very few such records in Poland. Does anyone
know in which German archives these records might be?

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