Re: Gnesen, Prussia Records in Germany #germany

Andrea Robin <mrsandrea@...>

I have no idea how I found this incredible website >from Poland to view
**actual** records free. Here is the link:
I also have family >from Gnesen, Wreschen, Posen.

Any names familiar? All immigrated in 1880 to NY

Andrea Robin

If you need help in how to download the images contact me

On Sunday, April 14, 2013 4:45:55 PM UTC-7, Helene Kenvin wrote:
I am looking for vital records for the Jewish community in Gnesen,
Prussia (now Gniezno, Poland) before the mid-19th century. According
to JRI-Poland, there are very few such records in Poland. Does anyone
know in which German archives these records might be?

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