Rene Morice- Paris-1939 #general

Alan Mandl

I am seeking information on Rene Morice, who was
connected to a business,Jenebel, located at 46 Avenue Simon
Bolivar in Paris, France, as of March 1939.

My father George Mandl crossed the border >from Bardonecchia, Italy
to Modane, France on February 28, 1939, and sailed >from Bordeaux
to Havana on March 14, 1939. On March 7, 1939, Rene Morice
wrote a "to whom it may concern" letter, stamped by the local police,
indicating that my father, Monsieur Dott. Giorgio Mandl, assisted
in the Institute of Beauty Jenebel. My understanding is that one traveling
by train >from Modane to Bordeaux at that time likely would have
passed through Paris.

Any information about Rene Morice would be appreciated.
Also, why would this type of a "to whom it may concern"
letter have been written by Morice and stamped by the police?
Did Jews in transit at this time have limited rights to be in France
and in need of a cover?

Jenebel still exists in Paris, associated with a Francoise Morice,
at Rue Francois. I contacted this outfit awhile ago and received no
response. I would be glad to email a copy of the "to whom it may concern"
letter to anyone who may help.

Alan Mandl
Wayland, MA
Member of H-Sig

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