Re: BARENBAUM family in Argentina #general


Hi Jenny,

I don't have a lot of details, but several members of a family related to
mine went >from Gubernia to Argentina and then Chicago. I believe they went
as part of the Jewish Colonization Association program. You'll find names
(including Barenbaum and variants) and towns and other info here:

You can also try the Chicago Jewish Archives, Spertus Institute of Jewish
Studies. I don't know what their complete holdings are but they do have at
least one oral history, provided by Fagel Ribak Unteman whose family came to
Chicago >from Grodno by way of Argentina. I don't know what her history
covers but it, or others, may shed light on the family you're researching and
their circumstances.

Good luck,
Sherri Venditti

"Jenny Schwartzberg" <> wrote:
My cousin Frada Boxer is currently visiting Argentina and she was
hoping to find the family of her grandfather's brothers.

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