Newark, New Jersey, Naturalization Records - Success! #general

Cyndi Norwitz

The last stage in my saga to get my great grandfather (Bernard FRIEDMAN)'s
naturalization records.

I had no luck at the NYC NARA archives and the New Jersey State Archives couldn't
find it either. I posted here and got a ton of great help which included finding
his ship passage records. A couple of weeks ago, I posted about various Newark, NJ
resources and how I had found his declaration of intent to naturalize in 1904 under
the odd name of Bonat Friedman (I knew it was him because it included his address,
which matched other sources).

After making that post, I took another look at the naturalization index NJ had sent
me (the surnames under F-R-D for years 1906-1920 or so). And there I saw a Bonat
Friedman for Oct, 19, 1910. Just a tad over 5 years >from when Bernard's wife and
kids arrived. I filled out a new request form, wrote a new check, sent it off to
NJ, and hoped.

Yesterday they sent me a package. And yes, it is him!

Bonat and Zire Friedman and their 5 children Celia, Louis, Joseph, James, and
Miriam. The last two were born in Newark (Miriam is my grandmother) (one more
child, Henry, was born in 1912).

The document gives birthdates for everyone but Zire and it gives Bonat's and Zire's
cities of birth as Chericoff, Russia. So that settles it; they were born in
Cherikov, Mogilev, Belarus (same place Zira and kids put as last residence on the
ship manifest). Because it only says "Russia" for the 3 oldest children, I don't
know if the family moved to Mglin, Russia/Ukraine or if Bernard's putting it as
his last residence before immigrating was a fluke. Though one might assume that if
the children were born in a different city, that would have been noted.

I was hoping this petition would be one of the ones that lists father's name (or
maybe mother's too) and give me some insight into the next generation up. Alas,
not to be. But I have some interesting leads with the witnesses. First is Abram
SHAPIRO, probably Zire's uncle they all first stayed with. Second is a Harry
FRIEDMAN. I have an occupation and address for both. That's the very first
Friedman other than this immediate family I know about.

All in all, I'm pretty thrilled.

Thanks again to everyone who offered help in making this happen. And to those who
encouraged persistence.

Cyndi Norwitz
Petaluma, CA

DEUTELBAUM, ZELENKA (Kotesova, Slovakia); KRIEGER, GOLDBERGER (Kosice, Slovakia);
Pittsburgh); KARPATI (Boston); DUBIN (Chudnov, Ukraine); FRIEDMAN, SHAPIRO
(Cherikov, Mogilev, Belarus; Mglin Russia/Ukraine; Newark, NJ) ;NAIMSKY (Warsaw;
Bronx, NY); NITOWITZ, NORWITZ (Lomza, Poland; Washington DC); GOLDSTEIN (Lativa;
Baltimore); SHAVEL, SHAVELLE, SHAVIL (Kanus, Lithuania)

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