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Jules Levin wrote on 03 mei 2013 in soc.genealogy.jewish:
Evertjan. wrote:
I have come across a man living in South Wales, known in the Census and other
sources as Harry Goldblatt. He was naturalised as a British subject in 1920
and the entry in the London Gazette gives his name as 'Chlavney (known as
Harry) Goldblatt'. Could that be a mis-spelling of his forename?
Wild guess: Czech hlavni, Slovac hlavny
"big":<> >from Czech& Slovac
hlava "head":<> [From
Proto-Slavic *golva] Perhaps there are other Slavic forms?
Indeed there are. I propose Slavic xvala 'praise', semantically more
likely to appear in names in the Hebrew style. Indeed, a Hebrewist
among us might know a Biblical name of the form "God praises/praise > God" etc.
Kinui for Tehillah, Hallel, Hodia?

While perhaps of Church Slavic origin, the root occurs in all three Slavic
branches--East, West, and South. Switching chval- to chlav- is an easy
linguistic change. [..]
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