The HIRSCH Family of Brooklyn, NY: Final Resting Places Found #general

jack haines <hainesjack44@...>

Regarding my post on April 22nd searching for the final resting places
of my great-great-grandfather, Herman HIRSCH, and his wife, Mirianna,
and my great-grandmother, Florence MAYERS (née HIRSCH) . . .

I would like to publicly thank Allan Jordan and Yehudah ben Shlomo for
leading me to their final resting places. Had it not been for these
two gentlemen, I would still be searching.

Allan and Yehudah, again, thank you for kindness. In gratitude, I am
indebted to you both for solving this mystery and for putting my mind
at rest.


Jack Haines
LaSalle, Quebec
E-mail: jgsmhaines@...

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