Jan or Ivan VON WULF or JABLONSKI #general

Rose Schubbe-Beilharz <rose@...>

Hello Ladies and Gentlemen,

I search for an ancestor of my husband and our five sons,

ca in the year 1840/1 a Prussian Officer Ignaz von Wulf had a son >from a
baroness Jablonski in Warszawa. The name of this son was Jan or Ivan.
Jan was probably educated >from his mother and he was an enthusiastic
Pole. He studied Jura and was 23 years old, 1863/4 after a revolt
against Russia sent to Siberia, where he worked 12 years in a mine.
Afterwards he was free, but he could not leave Siberia. He worked in his
profession and had 1881 a daughter Ekaterina Knjasev with an Efemia
Stroganova, who was married to Stepano Knjasev. This person was the
grandmother of my husband. She married August Schubbe, who was >from the
Baltikum and worked in the office of Finances in Irkutsk.

I am thankful for every new information and can also pay for it.


Rose Schubbe

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