Chicago 1894 birth certificate #general

Hanna Grossman <hannakg@...>

I have a cousin (4C1R) Bertha Langsam, born Chicago 1/26/1894 according
to a Cook County birth certificate index.

I have found no record in the US of her father Bernhard Langsam or her
mother Bertha Kirchheimer except in this index. Bertha Kirchheimer
appears in a family tree >from a distant German relation, as born in 1872.

I have found no member of the family in any census, or arrival list.

Would the birth certificate give the family's address in 1894 - to
perhaps assist in finding them in the 1900 census?
If so, how can I get the birth certificate?

Any other suggestions for tracking this family?

Hanna Grossman, Cornwall, CT

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