Re: Warszawczyk #general

Ajzenberg Michel <miajzenberg@...>

Thanks to all genners who sent me messages about my mother's cousin
"Warszawczyk" who lived in New-York.

Special thanks to Andre Guenther who found out that "Warszawczyk" could
have been changed to "Warshavchik". With this spelling he provided me
informations on Eli or Ela Warshavchik (1923-1995). This reminds me that
my mother used this firstname when she talked about him.

So now I have to look for his children in New York in order to get in touch
with them.

Michel Ajzenberg
Paris France

In my genealogical tree I have only one branch which is still missing.
This branch concerns my mother's cousin who's name is Warszawczyk (I'm
quite sure about the spelling). He lived in New-York and more precisely
in Brooklyn. I visited him in 1979 but I lost his complete address. He
was born around 1915 so I suppose he is not living anymore but I would
be happy to get in touch with his children. If it could help I have an
old picture of him and his family. Does anyone of you have an idea on
how to proceed ?

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