Holocaust in Latvia, Jews from Chraznow, and South Russia, Minsk Lumber Dealers #general

Marilyn Robinson

Hi All,
Some interesting new information has been posted at:
http://yourjewishgem.blogspot.com over the last several days. Some of the
new topics include:

Video by a German soldier who was passing through the area while there was
a Nazi "action" in Liepaja and an interview with the photographer

Latvian archival guide containing some information about women and their
charities in the 30's-early 40's

Latvian State Historical Archives (LSHA): "A Partial List of Names

Holocaust in Latvia: "The Latvia Jewish Names Project".

Also available is a list of Jews >from Chraznow Poland, lumber traders in
Minsk, South Russia Jews, students who attended Moscow Imperial University, etc.

Marilyn Robinson

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