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Sheila Coyne wrote:
In researching my paternal grandmother's family, I've run into a bit of
geographical confusion. I was long told that Emma SILBERT was from
Chmelnik in Galicia. Subsequent family records have indicated that I'm
dealing with two sets of first cousins: one group (Labe, Lipe, Manya, and
Esther KERZNER/KERSHNER) reportedly >from Ulanov, and the other (Chaim,
Nechama, Sora, and Chaya Rivka GRIBELSKY) >from "P'dolsk."

All of the Gribelskys traveled under that name and subsequently adopted
their mother's name of SILBERT in the U.S. On their Gribelsky ship
manifests, they all said they were living in (and left their spouses/parents
in) Chmelnik.

The Kerzners (most of whom adopted the name "KESSLER" once in the U.S.) also
said they were living in Chmelnik, but listed "Ulanov, Podolsk" as their
birthplace. Given Ulanov's (in modern Ukraine) closeness to Chmelnik, it
seems I ought to be looking in the Ukrainian database. On the other hand,
nothing comes up under the "Town Finder" when I type "Pdolsk" or "Pdolya,"
other than Kamenetz-Podolsk, which indicates its Yiddish name was "Komenetz."

Could someone with a better grasp of geography than I clarify whether I
ought to be checking primarily the Ukrainian or the Polish database? I've
looked at both, and contacted other searchers listed at Family Finder, thus
far with minimal success.

Chmelnik (modern spelling is Khmilnyk) in Litin "uyezd" (district),
and nearby Ulanov (also in Litin uyezd) are both located in Podolia
Province of Eastern Ukraine.

Podolia is not a town but an administrative region and a Province. The
name Podolia appeared in the 14th century when the Poles began to
colonize the area.


Alexander Sharon
Calgary, AB

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