Re: Unindexed Jewish record: Moses MICHAL, Albany Co., NY in 1740 #general

Sharon Korn <s.r.korn@...>

This is a long shot, but maybe someone is looking for this ancestor. It
is a will and probate for Moses MICHAL in Albany Co., NY in 1740. He,
apparently, was >from the Isle of Curacao which I think is north of
Venezuela. His wife was Catharine HACHER, also Jewish. It would be hard
for someone to find since it is >from unindexed files...
Moses MICHAL (usually spelled MICHAEL but spelled in various ways)
immigrated to New York >from Germany by 1707. There is some incorrect
information on the internet that he was brought as an infant, but he
actually arrived as a young man.

He was a major benefactor of Congregation Shearith Israel, which referred
to him as Mosseh Bar MICHAELL. As a merchant, he travelled regularly
between New York and the West Indies.

He became mortally ill in Curacao, where he wrote his will in the island's
Dutch language and was buried. The will was recorded in New York City.
Perhaps it was also recorded in Albany County because he owned property

If anyone would like a copy of an English translation of the will, for
which I do not have a readily available internet link, please write to
me and I will provide it privately.

Sharon Korn
San Diego, CA

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