Re: Russian town names in US Draft Registration - Puizinir and Teltzi #general

Sherri Bobish


A quick look at the EIDB through for the name POMERANTZ
from towns starting with "P" finds several candidates for "Puizinir," i.e.
Prusany, Pruzany, Pruzana, Plotenza.

You can try the same method for towns starting with "T."

Did either of these people naturalize? Did either marry in the U.S.? Those
vital records should also list town of birth. Birth certs of any of their
children born in the U.S. may also list their town of birth. If either was
born 1870 or later & was living in the mid-1930's than their original Social
Security application (SS5) should list town of birth. Did they belong to a
landsmanshaftn (burial society)?


Sherri Bobish
Princeton, NJ

Sally Bruckheimer wrote:
I've posted a World War I Draft Registration for which I need an
interpretation of the names of two Russian towns. It is on ViewMate at
the following address:

The first one looks like 'Puizinir' to me which doesn't produce any
result on Jewishgen Communities Database. The second looks to me like
'Teltzi' which at least brings up a couple candidate location.

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