Looking for my cousin Orah Kopelovich #general

Varda Eisikovich <varda105@...>

Can you please help me to find my cousin Orah Kopelovich who lived
in Netanya, Israel in 1951. If she got married she would probably
change her name. All I know is that her father died when she was
very young and his name was Moshe Kopelovich and her mother's name was
Leah Kopelovich . Her parents I believe come >from Czechoslovakia.
Orah was born in Israel. My mother was a cousin to Moshe Kopelovich.
My name is Varda Eisikovich. My e-mail addrress is: varda105@hotmail.com
Orah might of remembered that I and my family left Israel and migrated to
Australia in 1951. =


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