Researching SHAYNES/SCHEINES/SHANIS from Grodno #belarus

Liz Hanellin

Hello Belarus SIG,
I'm new to the list.I have recently begun researching my paternal grandmother's
family. I always knew that my grandmother, Anna, was born in "Russia",which
I assumed meant Ukraine, but recently I learned that her family was actually
from Grodno (I don't know whether the town or the gubernia). Anna's parents
were known in the U.S. as Phil and Rebecca/Beckie SHAYNES. >from what I have
learned >from my family, Phil and Beckie divorced at some point and she remarried
(she was already a widow >from her second marriage in the 1940 U.S. census).
I have no record of them together in the U.S., but I know that they were both here.
Phil came over first, in 1909. I located the two legs of his boat travels, first
from Hamburg to Liverpool, then >from Liverpool to New York. On these boat
manifests he is listed as Pesach/Pejsach SCHEINES. On the 1910 U.S. census,
he is living with the ELFMAN family (Beckie's maiden name was ELFMAN and
this was her brother's family) and he is listed as Pasik SHANIS. I lose
his trail after this. Beckie came over in 1910 with their three children
In English, the children's names were Ida, Anna and Sam. On their
manifest, Beckie is listed as Riwke and the children are listed as Chaijke,
Henne and Bolke SCHEINES. (Has anyone heard of the name Bolke?)I would like
to try to find some records of Phil and Beckie/Pesach and Rivka's marriage
in Grodno as well as records of their children's births. And, of course,
any information about other family members, family events, etc., that
might exist.A big challenge, of course, is the spelling of their last
name, since it seems like there could be dozens of variations.Does anyone
have any information about this family name? Or could you lead me in the
the right direction in terms of research resources?
Many thanks in advance.

Liz Hanellin
New York City,NY

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