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Celia Male <celiamale@...>

Victor C. Weisskopf of Chicago asks: Does anyone here
know if "KARFIOL" was ever used as a Jewish family
name in the Austrian Empire?

from our discussion of hiking songs we now have a
serious genealogical enquiry. This is a point I wish
to emphasise very strongly. One has no way of knowing
how a seemingly trivial posting will develop.
Serendipity is often one of the most exciting
approaches to genealogy!

To tackle this problem I tried four approaches:

A - Search
1. IKG cemetery base of Austria - No luck.
2. 1933 Vienna tel directory - No luck.
3. Jewishgen message archives - many hits in
jri-pl and Galicia ie the ex-Hapsburg Empire.

B - Enter:

4. "KARFIOL genealogy" into the best known search
engine - you will find a reference in
reveals Gabriele KARFIOL
reveals Shirley KARFIOL

5 "Karfiol" into the best-known internet search
engine. You will be overwhelmed by 35,200 entries for
karfiol, but you will note immediately that most are
recipes [recepty] in Czech, Austrian-German and
Hungarian. So now we know that the word was used in
these regions of the Hapsburg Empire. The lovely word
dkg appears in many of them. I still have my
great-grandmother's brass dkg [ten grams] weights in

So how to tackle this mass of entries to find our
elusive KARFIOL family names lurking amongst the
soups, auflauf, salats and fritters?

Bernard appears at the top of the list as a painter.
Use the "advanced search" facility and selectively
remove common words that appear on the first page of
100 entries. I removed in turn: Bernard, Ella,
recepty, dkg, personen, blumenkohl etc and managed to
get down to about 800 entries and I could have gone
further - then I easily picked up the following
KARFIOL: Bernard, Ella, Gerald, Sylvan, Judith,
Benzion, Claude, Robert, William and Suzanne.

In addition, I found that Bill Leibner of Jerusalem
had remembered Avraham KARFIOL in:
KrosnoLIST.htm nb one long URL

Then enter Avraham KARFIOL into the magic search
engine and a few more KARFIOL will be revealed
including: Rabbi Wolf, Beverly, Tamas and Neche or
Ester - the latter listed in a necrology book.

You will also come across this URL:

and the interesting fact that the word "karfiol" is
used in Schwaebische as well!

Will any of us be able to face the humble karfiol
again without thinking of its profound genealogical
connotations in the past glorious Hapsburg Empire?
Who's for "fisolen"?

Celia Male [UK]

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